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Hi, I’m Robin Gonzales Dazé. I am a Texas-native, currently living in Maryland. I have 10+ years CrossFit Athlete and was the first and only Deaf Athlete to make it to the regional level. I won numerous local competition events and trained alongside CrossFit athletes like Travis Williams. 

I established ASLFIT in 2016 with the goal of providing equal access for Deaf/Hard-of-hearing athletes. ASLFIT has evolved into a bigger company since then, we provide online training, one-on-one & group sessions, meanwhile still providing helpful tips to the community.

Interested? Email me and like/follow my social media page “ASLFIT” on Instagram & Facebook.

Look forward to training with you soon!

- Robin 

Deaf Women of Color: Robin Gonzales Daze

Deaf Women of Color: Robin Gonzales Daze

Robin Gonzales Daze Frederick, MD Entrepreneur Spanish and Native-American Social Media IG: FB: @theaslfit T: @aslfit E: Hello, my name is Robin Gonzales Daze. First of all, I want to thank you, the Deaf Women of Color for selecting me and my Instagram ASLFIT. Started CrossFit, new life direction. Ultimately went to CrossFit regionals South Central (San Antonio, TX) in 2013. Not sure what I wanted to do in life my boyfriend (now husband), convinced me to transfer to Gallaudet in 2013. There, so many doors opened up. I found my passion (business), I tried new things, and discovered my true identity (a woman of color). With the support of Michel and my teachers, I entered into a Gallaudet business competition called “ThinkBiz”. I won the competition, with my ‘BisonFit’ business idea, and met some wonderful people. It was those same people who encouraged me to enter into Gallaudet’s business competition - Business Pitch Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with my business idea “ASLFIT.” I tied for second. The day after the competition, I established “ASLFIT”. At first, I established the Instagram account to give tips for people whom do CrossFit. But since then, it has evolved to so much more. I am still unsure what the future holds - but for now the Instagram account gives tips, motivation/inspiration quotes, and so much more. The future of ASLFIT depends on you :) #OverlookedGems2019 #ASLFIT
Signs of a Strong Community

Signs of a Strong Community

Old City CrossFit in Washington, D.C., is located near Gallaudet University, a federally chartered private university for the education of the deaf and hard of hearing. “We knew there was a chance that we’d get some deaf members,” says Old City coach Erin Losie. “We had some ideas as to what we would do.” Shortly after opening, Old City indeed became home to many deaf members. Coaches began to learn sign language, and a community developed. “The first day I got to class, I was shocked at the motivation, at how excited (the coaches) were to learn sign language,” says member John Castrese. “They wanted me to teach them sign. They were teaching me CrossFit.” Instructing a class with deaf members requires coaches to use less words and more visual instruction, but a good coach is always prepared to integrate visual and tactile cues as needed in any situation. Old City coaches have learned to adapt to teaching CrossFit to mixed classes much the same way CrossFit Seminar Staff members find ways to quickly communicate with those who might speak another language. “What deaf people tend to do is watch and follow,” says member Myra Yanke. “So we’ll watch someone do the movement and follow them.” Castrese says deaf people and hearing people can be like oil and water, but at Old City CrossFit, coaches shake things up and ensure the two communities are integrated. Video by Mike Koslap. The CrossFit Journal -- ( The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™


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